How to play the Love Slot game

Get ready for the experience of a love time with this exciting Love Slot game. You can play a complete round of the reels or stop any of them or all of them at any time. Get a winning combination of 3 Love Hearts and win up to £/€/$ 200,000!!!

How to play the Love slot:

  • Choose the amount you want to bet, by clicking on the '-' or '+' buttons on either side of the 'Bet' button in the lower right hand corner. Bets can be manually changed per spin.
  • Click on the 'Bet Coins' button on the left to double or triple your bet amount (accordingly increasing the amount you win.) You will see the amount of the bet on the 'Total Bet' button on the right.
  • The 'Play Max' button will automatically increase your bet to 3 coins. The reels will begin spinning after clicking the 'Play Max' button.
  • You can manually stop each of the reels by clicking on the "Stop!" buttons below the reels or they will stop automatically when the Time button on the left reaches 00:00.
  • After the reels have stopped spinning and a winning combination is displayed, your win will be paid according to the pay table.
  • Click on 'PAY TABLE' to see the combinations and the relative winnings.
  • The relevant game prize will be added to your account balance.

Good Luck!

Buttons and features overview:

  1. Upper row from left to right:
    • Card value - This enables you to choose the value of the card you want to bet by pressing the "+" sign to increase and the "-" sign to decrease the value.
    • Top prize - The card value you choose reflects your possible winnings - the Top prize.
    • Play now - Press the "Play now" button to commence a game.
    • Play again - Press "Play again" to continue playing this game You are buying a new card to play this game again with the same settings.
    • Play for me - After you have chosen the card value, the "play for me" option will enable the automated system to pick a card for you and scratch the card for you.
    • Autoplay, let the automated system play for you as many games as you wish, see detailed information below.
    • Total win - Shows the amount won in each play.
  2. Bottom row - see the explanation in the Help for lobby buttons
  3. To view the prizes and odds