Penguin Party


Penguin Party

It’s time to celebrate!  Send the penguins down the slide and see where they land – you could hit the jackpot!  So keep cool and join the best party in town.

Game’s Rules

• Select the card value (£/€/$0.5 to £/€/$20).

• The selected card value increases the amount you can potentially win:

For example; card value = €1, jackpot = €1000

                            card value = €20, jackpot = €20,000 

• Click on the ‘Play Now’ or ‘Play Again’ button.

• The penguin will come down the slide; if he lands in a rubber ring, you win that amount.

• The total amount won appears in the ‘Total Win’ box on the bottom right side of the screen.

• The relevant game prize will be added to your account balance on the bottom left of the screen, underneath ‘Cashier’.

Bonus Game

This game doesn’t include a bonus game.     

Game’s Buttons and Features

Buttons and features overview:

• ‘Card Value’ - this enables you to choose the amount you can potentially win by pressing the "+" sign to increase and the "-" sign to decrease the value. Maximum card value £/€/$ 20.

• ‘Play Now’ - press the orange ‘Play Now’ button to start a game.

• ‘Play Again’ - press the orange ‘Play Again’ button to continue playing the game; you’re buying a new card to play this game again with the exact same settings.

• ‘Total Win’ - it displays the amount won in each play.